Providing business services since August 2022

Tool TOS:

If a tool stops working, gets patched, gets leaked, etc
you still cannot get a refund

We try to fix the tool if we can't you still can not get a refund.

we can end a project at anytime without giving refunds
lifetime means for as long as this service is running

If you leak a tool , you will be banned from every perks, you will not be a able to get anything , refund/replace are not provided

Token TOS
Warranty on tokens is 5h, that's means age tokens at your own risk if discord flag your tokens after 5h I don't offer replace or refund.

No refund at all, we will replace tokens. Only if we can't delivery your tokens in 24h you will get refund.

Don't use flagged tools, we are not responsible if your tokens get flagged.

Transaction TOS
Attempting to reverse a payment after the product has been delivered without contacting us first for assistance will lead to your Sellix account being blacklisted from our shop, meaning you will lose the ability to buy from us ever again. We will also invalidate your purchased product. Since we provide digital goods and services, no refund will be issued unless the fault is on our side and the buyer provides sufficient evidence of the dysfunctional product or service.

・No refunds are offered.
・When purchasing if the issue is on your end we cannot help the only way a refund/replacement will be provided is if it is my fault
・Our prices/TOS are subject to change at any times without notice. Renewal prices are at the current price at the time of renewal.

Important Notice
This Terms Of Service can change at any time of date.
Once purchased a product you agree to this Terms Of Service.
If Purchasing from discord you agree to this TOS
Every Product Have 1 Hour Warranty by default

Sellix TOS:
If the order does not get complete because u did not send full amount im will not refund u will have to send full amount

Members Tos:
If discord terminates/ban tokens no refund or replace are provided
No refund if you don't use your key for long time and the stock got termed/ out of stock.
You have to wait till next restock

Boosts tos:
No refund
/ replace it discord terms the tokens or revokes Nitro.

Promo Link tos:
No refund/replace for any reason
No refund / replace if discord terminates/ban the promos

Follow Discord Tos & Guidelines: