Discord Token Profiler
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Discord Token Profiler

  • Customizes discord tokens (avatar, banner, username, nickname, pronoun, hypesquad, bio)
  • Undetected
  • Made in python
  • Proxyless mode or proxies

Features Overview

  • Avatar Changer: This feature randomly changes profile pictures of tokens using images from the data/avatars folder. ( also supports custom avatar url )

  • Banner Changer: For Nitro tokens, this feature randomly updates the banners using images from the data/banners folder. Note: Nitro is required to utilize this feature.

  • Global Name Changer: Changes the display names of tokens using names listed in a specified text file. ( supports custom name )

  • Pronouns Changer: Sets pronouns for tokens based on entries in the pronouns.txt file. ( supports custom pronoun )

  • Hypesquad Changer: Allows adding or removing Hypesquad status as desired.

  • BIO Changer: Updates the BIOs of tokens using information from the bios.txt file.

Preview- https://youtu.be/c8C_1AUCE9M

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