Boost Bot
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Boost Bot


  • Custom Nickname
  • Custom Bio
  • Custom Banner
  • Custom Avatar
  • Bot Activity

# Auto Delivery

  • Sellp4ss Auto Delivery
  • Sell4pp Auto Delivery
  • Sellix Auto Delivery

Uses Oauth

  • No need of captcha key
  • No need of Proxy
  • Advanced Boost Logs (Console and Logs Channel)
  • Customizable embed colour


- Works With both Slash(/) & Prefix.

  • Stock Command : Displays Stock Of 1M & 3M Boosts
  • Create Command : Creates Key
  • Redeem Command : Redeemes key
  • Ping Command : Shows Bot Latency
  • Give Tokens : Give tokens to the user
  • Delete Command : Deletes Key
  • List Command : Shows all the working Keys
  • Website, Ltc, Btc, Etc

Additional commands will be added gradually, and updates will be provided periodically.

Tg Support:

07 Apr 2024
thank you for tool
Verified Purchase
30 Mar 2024
Sexxy BB works for every tkn
Thanks for your feedback >> — — reply from the Seller
Verified Purchase
15 Feb 2024
the bot is work, its my first time so the owner helped me until my problem was resolved. Thank You.
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